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Fantasy Football

Welcome to our branch Fantasy Football activity group!  

Hey Branch 128 members, The 2019 season is now underway! Sorry if you missed out signing up but you can keep up with how our players are doing by checking this page weekly. You can also check out our past champions towards the bottom of this page.


After 12 weeks, we have 5 teams at the top of our $$$ league tied with records of 8 wins vs. 4 losses. As the tie breaker is total points, we now see Pat Wilson in 1st place followed by Dan Poulin, Truman Howard, Bob Basile  and John Kent. Rounding out the next 3 spots are Tan Matosian, Chuck Lipper and Jerry Glenn. The top 8 teams will start a playoff round in week 14 of the NFL regular season! 

Dan Poulin remains in first place in the Points league followed by Pat Wilson, Tom Barclay, Bob Basil, Tan Matosian and Bob Lyons. Whoever has the most points upon the completion of week 17 will be our new champion! Scroll down to see how everyone is doing.


Our prize money league, SIR128 $$$, is set with 12 teams. Details on how this league operates are provided below. 

Also, as mentioned earlier this year, we have activated a points-only league of 6  teams. This league, SIR128 Points, will be active the entire NFL season. The points your team earns each week will accumulate as the season wears on . We have established a modest prize pool to keep things interesting - $10 per team with prize money ($60) going to the 1st place team when the season is over. 

Our original FF League (started by branch golfers years ago) is a "head-to-head" league which has an admission fee ($60) which goes to a prize pool.  This money league is limited to 12-14 teams.  In the past, we have set up a 2nd league that requires only a small "donation" for our prize pool to join and is a "points" league. Consider it a kind of learning league for FF "rookies"! . 
The league schedule corresponds with the NFL schedule with the first 14 weeks being our "regular season" followed by the playoffs in NFL weeks 15 through 17. This ensures that all our team players will be on the field if they are healthy avoiding the final week which typically sees some NFL teams "resting" key players. Teams make the playoffs by being one of the best 8 teams in the standings after week 14.
Our group has been using Yahoo Fantasy Football which allows you to draft your own players or let the system draft for you. Our draft is usually scheduled about 1 week before the 1st game of the year. Many players have the system do their picking so you can see great expertise is not a requirement. Knowledge of football helps, as well as, staying on top of who is playing week-to-week.  Bye weeks can be a killer if you aren't paying attention.  


$$$ Team Owners Competing in 2019
Results as of Week 12
Bob Basile Bob Lyons Chuck Lipper Dan Poulin Jerry Glenn George Bishop
Dropkick Crusinforbrusin Lucky Chucky Knuckleheads The Swarm McLovin
8-4 5-7 6-6 8-4 6-6 3-9
      2nd Place    
John Kent Pat Wilson Paul Kupras Truman Howard Steve Miller Tan Matosian
Farkin' Idiots Hmmbaby Paul K's Team True Down & Dirty 2nd Alarm Hye Astan
8-4 8-4 3-9 8-4 3-9 6-6
  1st Place   3rd Place    
Dan Poulin
POINTS Team Owners Competing in 2019
Results as of Week 12
Bob Basile Bob Lyons Pat Wilson Dan Poulin Tan Matosian Tom Barclay
Bobby's Bastards Bob's Bruisers Pat Wilson's Team The Danny Boys Tan's Top-Notch Team Barclay's Bad Boys
4th 6th 2nd Place 1st Place 5th 3rd Place
  2019 $$$ League Champ 2019 POINTS League Champ  
Ron Janezic Ron Janezic George Bishop Bob Lyons
Who's Your Daddy Who's Your Daddy McLovin Cruisinforbrusin
2018 $$$ League Champ 2017 $$$ League Champ 2016 $$$ League Champ 2016 POINTS League Champ
Steve Miller Dick Marsh Pat Wilson Ron Janezic
2nd Alarm Welshman Hmmbaby Who's Your Daddy
2015 $$$ League Champ 2014 $$$ League Chanp 2013 $$$ League Champ 2012 $$$ League Champ
no photo available
Mike Janezic Don Holmes Ron Janezic  
abcdefghi Steamrollers Who's Your Daddy  
2011 $$$ League Champ 2010 $$$ League Champ 2009 $$$ League Champ