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Cycling Activity Archive

November, 2016
We did not ride Thanksgiving week and had a couple of rain outs; we still managed to ride 6 times for 175 miles. For the year to date, we have exceeded 3000 miles of cycling. Some riders have participated in almost all of the rides. Many have logged over 2000 miles this year. (This is not including any rides on their own) For the year, we have cycled as a group 89 times with an average of about 35 miles per ride. The rides range from 25 to 55 miles. From short and as flat as possible to long and hilly.

August, 2016
In August, 2017, we had 9 rides totaling 297 miles. They ranged from 23 to 49 miles. Our most difficult rides included Mt. Diablo on one ride, then from San Ramon to Castro Valley and north via the east bay hills to Moraga and return to San Ramon.

July, 2016
In honor of the Tour De France in July. The SIR cycling group held its own July tour. We will call it the "Tour de Tri-Valley". There were 8 stages that totaled 279 miles (450 kilometers) for an average of 35 miles per ride.
Stage 1 - San Ramon to Sunol loop. 29.2 m 
Stage 2 - San Ramon to Kilkare road loop. 34 mi
Stage 3 - San Ramon to Livermore   34.1 mi
Stage 4 - San Ramon to Danville via Blackhawk loop. 29.1 mi
Stage 5 - Yountville to Calistoga loop. 45.8 mi
Stage 6 - San Ramon to Orinda loop. 50.7 mi
Stage 7 - San Ramon to Las Trampas & Dublin Canyon. 26.7 mi
Stage 8 - Danville to Walnut Creek via Alamo loop. 31.3 mi
L to R Dan Mahoney, Jim Hughell, Howard Stoddard, Steve Kolda, Bill Corbett, Frank Wnuk, Frank O'Neill, Dennis Good- man, Bill Buhl

June, 2016
We had an active month in June, 2017. There were  9 planned rides ranging from 23 to 42 miles in length. We rode in various directions from San Ramon or Danville to Castro Valley, Sunol, Livermore, Moraga, Orinda, Walnut Creek, Concord, Alamo and many other locations for a total of over 280 miles.
Left to right: Bill Collins, Rich England, Frank Wnuk, Tom Mullican, Russ Teves, Steve Kolda, Bill Corbett, Susan, Frank O'Neill

The Cycle Group rode 8 times in May 2016. The rides totaled over 240 miles of uphills, downhills, road hazards, and most of all; Lots of enjoyment while getting a little exercise. We rode through just about every city/town in the tri-valley.  At the end of each ride we stop for refreshments and discuss multiple topics. We now believe that we have solved world hunger, poverty, and politics. We are planning to send a representative to the next G20 conference to give our recommendations.
Left to right:Bill Buhl, Chuck McCormick, Jim Hughell, Tom Mullican, Bill Corbett, Rich England, and Tom Cathcart.
Also, Frank Wnuk behind the camera and Frank O'Neill not in the picture
L to R : Howard Stoddard, Tom Mullican, Dennis Wygal, Dave Miller, Frank O'Neill, Tom Cathcart, Bill Buhl,
Neil Rollins, Russ Teves and Rich England preparing for our February 25th ride to Palomares Canyon.
We encourage riders of all levels to join us. Rides are posted weekly and members receive e-mails regarding upcoming rides about a week in advance. Contact Tom Mullican, Bill Corbett or Frank O'Neill for more information.

The month of August has improved the bottom line of any company producing bicycle tire tubes. Our Sir #128 Cycle Group has encountered more flats this month, including our bread and butter ride to Sunol, where we had 8 flats within a three hour period. What has been interesting to see is the reaction of the group to the cyclist with the flat. We have all stopped and many have chipped in with tubes, tools, advise, and help. There is a great feeling to be out with a bunch of guys that are willing to help others in need for the sake of the group rather than the individual. A great example of what makes Sirs #128 so special.
Frank O'Neill helping Rich England with his flat, and Jim Hughell adding his humor Bill Corbett and Dennis Goodman helping Frank Wnuk fix his flat
Bill Corbett fixing his first of four flats for the day

There were 6 SIRs who rode in the Tour de Peninsula this year on August 2.

This annual ride attracting several thousand riders each year starts in Coyote Park just south of the San Francisco Airport. The ride climbs up to Crystal Springs Reservoir and from there climbs up to La Honda for the long ride or returns from there back to the starting point. This year It was a rather cool day, but nice for climbing the hills.  Neal, Bill & Dennis W did the 56 mile ride and the King Mountain seemed much longer and higher this year.  Age could be a factor.  Surprisingly the road seemed much smoother on the downhill making the riders feel much more comfortable with the speed.  Dennis G. Tom and Chuck did the 33 mile ride and said it was challenging but doable.  They waited for the long riders and we enjoyed a drink together following the race.

Posed before a local Sunol Ride from left to right: Jerald Cerri, Howard Stoddard, Bill Buhl, Frank O'Neill, Russ Teves, Chuck McCormick, Keith Wilson, Dennis Wygal, Tom Cathcart, Frank Wnuk, Steve Kolda, and Bill Corbett.
Neal Rollins changing a flat in Crockett with Dennis Goodman and Steve Kolda discussing how to avoid flats.  Neal is said to be able to change a flat in under two minutes.
Keith Wilson the most improved cyclist summer award, just after crossing the Al Zampa Bridge from Crockett to Vallejo.
Group resting in Port Costa getting ready to climb up and on to Crockett. Left to right: Dennis Goodman, Steve Kolda, Tom Cathcart, Keith Wilson, Frank O'Neill,Tom Mullican, , Dennis Wygal, and Chuck McCormick.
Frank O'Neill, our newest member, enjoying an open face crab/artichoke sandwich at The First Street Cafe in Benicia.

On February 19th, 14 SIRS gathered near the Starbucks on Alcosta Blvd for a bike ride to Sunol and back. Eight riders did a moderate ride down San Ramon Valley Blvd to Sunol. Six riders added a bit of a challenge by riding up the grade on Dublin Blvd returning to San Ramon Valley Blvd then proceeding to Sunol. From Sunol both groups gathered at Tulley's in downtown Pleasanton to enjoy a coffee or tea and trade theories on the solution to world hunger.

Standing from left to right: Chuck McCormick, Wendell Jeong, Keith Wilson, Frank Wnuk, Bob Turner, Jerald Cerri, Tom Mullican, Howard Stoddard and Russ Teves. Kneeling from left to right: Bill Corbett and Neal Rollins. Photograph taken by Bill Buhl.

Tom Mullican - our Easy Rider Leader Dave Miller Bill Buhl one of our longest standing cycle members
Eleven members had a great day of riding included are: Keith Wilson, Tom Cathcart, Jim Hughell, Rich England, Dennis Wygal, Bill Corbett, Bob Turner, Jerald Cerri, Russ Teves, and Tom Mullican (taking the picture was Bill Buhl).
Check out our photo album for more photos of our rides!