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9-Hole Golf Group

Bo Brummett
Our group plays at the Pleasanton Golf Center every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. and every Friday at 9:00 a.m. with an optional lunch at Mexico Lindo nearby after the Friday round of golf.
Come join us to sharpen your game, enjoy great walking exercise, meet new friends and just have fun.   It takes about 2 hours, half the time it takes to play a round of 18.  The cost is $10.50 to walk (carts are also available).  We occasionally play other courses in the area as well.  Look forward to seeing you soon.
Please send me an email to let me now you are interested. My contact info is at the bottom of this page.
Several members of the 9-hole golf group recently enjoyed an outing at the Pleasanton Golf Center, our home course.  
Left to right are Dan Cold, Leroy Vares, Ed Locatelli, Truman Howard, Bill Olmo, and Bo Brummett. 
The nine hole golf group usually plays at the Pleasanton Golf Center on Tuesday & Friday mornings.  It is located on the infield of the racetrack at the Alameda County Fairgrounds.
The fourth hole is a 259 yard, par 4, dogleg left.  A horse race fan would say it goes down the last half of the backstretch and around the clubhouse turn.  On the left side of the fairway, before the dogleg, is a large screen that protects the golfers teeing of on the seventh hole and blocks the green.  In the far right corner of the fairway is a large tree, not a good place to be.  For years we have joked about who has his tee shot closest to the tree.  In March Gary Soto made a plaque about four and a half inches wide and three inches tall.  This "Closest to the TREE AWARD" will now be presented to the golfer whose tee shot is closest to the tree each week. 
The very first recipient was Ed Locatelli, presented on March Seventeenth.  Subsequent winners (?) have been Bill Olmo, Ed Locatelli , Bill Olmo, Gary Soto, Clem Teeters, Ed Locatelli, Leroy Vares, Gary Soto, Bill Olmo, Clem Teeters, Bill Olmo, Gary Soto, Ed Locatelli, Clem Teeters, Clem Teeters and finally Ed Locatelli.  According to the rules set up by commissioner Gary Soto the plaque will now be in the permanent possession of Ed since he won it five times.  He was also awarded a stand to display it on.  Spouses have looked at the award and thought it was a good prize to win.  We golfers know better.  It is a great source of laughs, good fun, and an opportunity to tease the recipient.
Now (11/15) we have a new contest going, the Most Balls Lost in the Water contest (aka Wet Balls Contest).  Gary Soto, Competition Commissioner and Trophy Maker, has made an award that looks like the eighth hole at tha Pleasanton Fair Grounds.  It is so detailed (see below) that the sand in the trap is actually from the hole.  At the April 2017 lunch Gary Soto presented the award to Bill Olmo, Roger Zeltmann was the runner up (but it wasn't close).  Gary also declared the lake now be known as Lake Olmo.
Our group also plays at Diablo Hills in Walnut Creek or other local courses on occasion.  The location is determined after our Tuesday round.
Contact me if you have any questions: Bo Brummett (925)829-7334