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Activity leader position is open
There is no meeting scheduled for DECEMBER. We wish all of you a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year.
Over 20% of our branch members worked in various STEM fields and many of you have STEM related hobbies and interests. We invite all of you to join us at our JANUARY meeting to participate in our discussion on Great Scientific Discoveries & Inventions / Great Inventors and Scientists. Meeting attendees are asked to opine on what they fell have been great scientific discoveries, inventions, inventors and scientists and their impacts on societies and civilization. A “straw man” list to facilitate discussions can be found in the “Resources” column below. Future meetings may go into more depth on subjects that generate the most interest.
The JANUARY meeting will be on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at the Danville Library. The room is available for set up at 8:30 AM – the meeting starts at 9 AM.

We meet regularly at the Danville Library which is at 400 Front Street in Danville. Our current schedule is the second Wednesday of the month January through November. We gather in the parking lot  and then go into the library via the side door.  We meet from 9:00 to 10:30 with the room being available for set up at 8:30.  A large screen display and internet access is available. All SIRs and spouses are invited to attend, no experience necessary. 
Is there an area of Science, Technology, Math or Engineer that interests you? Are you willing to do a bit of research and spend a few minutes talking to the group about what you have found? We need members to help develop content for our meetings. The discussion can cover short topics or a single longer (30-45+ minutes) presentations. Contact Joe Velson at if you are willing to help us out. Here are some ideas to stimulate your thinking:
Pick one.
What field of science does it fall in to? What technology was developed to support this invention (or what technology did this invention trigger?)
Who invented, discovered or influenced this invention? How has culture changed as a result?
Top 10 inventions of all time:
The greatest inventions of all time:
Excel list of possible "significant invention" topics
Pick one.
Describe it for the layman. Who invented it? What does it do now and what do we think it will lead to in the future?
Did you know that you can stream thousands of videos for free from the Contra Costa Library? They have almost 6000 videos under the category "The Great Courses". Pick one, watch the video and put together some supporting material. We could view the video at our meeting then you can lead the discussion. Courses include:
Robotics, Extreme Weather, Organic Chemistry, Understanding Gravity, The Universe,Higgs Boson, Ancient Astronomy, Everyday Engineering, The Nature of Matter, Modern Electronics, The Hubble Telescope, Geological Wonders, The Science of Energy, Life in Our Universe
You can access unlimited "Great Courses" through Kanopy via our Library.
Go to Library page and click on "Kanopy" on the left hand side menu
How does it work? What makes it go? What's the science behind it? If those are the kinds of questions you like to ask, you've come to the right place! Explore this site and you'll find around 450 free, easy-to-understand articles (including around 2000 photos and 800 full-color, how-it-works illustrations), covering science, technology, gadgets, inventions, and how things work
2019 Meeting Schedule
Date Topic Comment
Jan 9
2019 New Technology
Bill Olmo
Feb 13 DNA
Bill Olmo
Tom Kremen
Mar 13 The Dark Web Bill Olmo
Apr  10 No Topic, Q and A  
May 8 eReaders Bill Olmo
Jun 12 Bill Olmo
Jul  10
A New Beginning
End Of The Line
Bill Olmo
Aug 14 Making your own Google Map Joe Velson
Sep 11
Doug Loskot
Oct  11 Sky Terrace Vineyard - Tour and Winemaking Presentation REGISTER HERE
Nov 13 Administration of SIR 128 website Dan Poulin
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