Awards & Recognition

SIR, Inc.   
Branch No. 128
Our branch makes a special effort to recognize members who achieve branch milestones and/or receive awards and accolades for their service! Please scroll down to see our award winners and check out the presentation photos!
Awards News!
Congratulations to Joe Rivello, SIR128’s newest Honorary Life Member.
Joe has been a member of SIR Branch 128 since 2007 and has served our branch in many capacities.
He is pictured receiving the award at our October 2019 luncheon meeting with his wife Angela.
Our branch received the prestigious Area Governor's Branch Award
Presented to our Branch Leadership at SIR State Meeting on Aug 20, 2019
SIR Bill Olmo was awarded Senior Honorary Life Member status at July, 2019 luncheon.
This special designation is assigned when an HLM reaches the 10 year mark.

to SIR Randy Wong for being our latest "Under The Radar" branch award winner!
And to SIR Jim Kaiser for reaching the 25 year Membership Longevity mark!


Congratulations to Sir Randy Wong Congratulations to Sir Robert Caviglia
Recognized at July, 2019 luncheon
Recognized at August, 2018 luncheon
Congratulations to Sir Al Hudock Congratulations to Sir Tony Mullins
Recognized at May, 2018 luncheon
Recognized at February, 2018 luncheon
Congratulations to Sir Dan Poulin Congratulations to Sir Jim Quon
Recognized at June, 2017 luncheon
Recognized at November, 2017 luncheon
In the past few months, Jim has been recognized with a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT award by the East Bay Leadership Council and MARTIN LUTHER KING HUMANITARIAN OF THE YEAR award from Contra Costa County!

The SIR Awards Program consists of awards given by the State and those given by the Branch

State Awards
Presented to our Branch Leadership at SIR State Meeting on Aug 20, 2019

Honorary Life Members
Presented by the State Board to these members
to recognize their exceptional and extraordinary service.
HLM members over 10 years are conferred SENIOR HLM status.
Bill Olmo
Senior HLM
Bill Buhl
Jim Kaiser (2016)
Ernie Fierro
Dan Poulin
Joe Rivello
Honorary Life Members are exempt from paying dues
Presidential Awards
Presented by the State Board to active members having attaining the of age 90 (Senior), age 95 (Super Senior), or 100 (Century). (Year earned.)
Joe Cardinale - Senior
Ed Del Rio - Senior
Senior, Super Senior and Century Seniors are exempt from paying dues
Outstanding Service
These members have been recognized for their outstanding service (year recognized):
Paul Sheckler (2016) Robert Caviglia (2016) Dan Poulin (2016)
Herb Schrieber (2016) Bob Denison (2015) Dick Steineke (2012)
Bill Ryan (2012) Bill Lennon (2012) Joe Rivello (2011)
Ed Del Rio (2010) Bob Kerner (2010) Gary Desser (2010)
Bob Denison (2010)
Al Hudock (2010)
Jim Kaiser (2010)
Len Course (2009)
Jim Quon (2010)
Bill Olmo (2005)
Outstanding Sponsorship
SIR 128 members are strongly encouraged to bring in friends and neighbors to join our branch.  Members who do so, are recognized with our Outstanding Sponsorship award. For each 5 new members that are sponsored into our branch, a member achieves a higher level of Outstanding Sponsorship! 
*Level 1 is reached by sponsoring at least 5 new members  
*Level 2 is reached by sponsoring at least 10 new members
*Level 3 is reached by sponsoring at least 15 new members
Marty Seaman - Joe Rivello
Bill Buhl - Don Burns - Joe Cardinale - Jerald Cerri - Jim Daugherty - Bob Hussey - Paul Kupras - Dick Mervine - Phil Reed - Bill Ryan - Bruce Saltzman - Dick Steineke - Frank Wnuk