PayPal Payments

If you would like to provide payment via PayPal for luncheons, annual dues and/or Special Events, please select the appropriate item below (you must check the small circle to the left of the specific item you want to pay for) and click the Next Step button at the bottom of the page to process your payment.  You can only process one payment at a time!
  • For payment of annual dues, you only have the option to prepay your entire dues amount. This amount will be adjusted each quarter to accommodate new members joining later in the year.
  • In other cases, you have to calculate the total amount required to cover all of the seats/tickets you wish to provide payment for.  An event listed at  $35 per person would require a payment amount of $70 if you wanted to pay for 2 attendees.  Got it? 
Please note that an additional amount ($.50 cents and 2.9%) will be added as a convenience fee if you wish to use this payment method.