Basic Branch Info
  • When a Branch Member or Former Member Dies

    When anyone in the branch becomes aware of the passing of a branch member or former branch member they should immediately inform the Branch Chaplain (currently Steve Kolda). Any contact information (telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.) that can be provided are extremely helpful particularly for former members.  The Branch Chaplain will then take the following steps unless otherwise noted:


    • Contact the spouse/partner or other family member to express condolences and determine if the family wishes an announcement to be made to the branch membership. A sympathy card will also be sent on behalf of the branch.


    • If an announcement is requested, one will be prepared by the Big Sir and sent via a broadcast message to the entire branch by the Web Master (currently Dan Poulin). This announcement will include service arrangements if available.


    • A follow-up announcement will be made at the next branch luncheon.


    • Approximately one month after the passing a call will be made by the branch member who has the closest relationship to the spouse/partner or by the Branch Chaplain as appropriate. The purpose would be to determine if they would like to continue to be part of our SIR’s community by receiving information about our activities and events that they would be welcome to participate in. If they say “yes” they would then be put on the e-mail list for the branch rooster and receive invitations to the Ladies Day Lunch and the Holiday Dinner Dance as well as be welcome to participate in any of the branch co-ed activities.



  • When are our luncheons?
    Monthly luncheons are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month except in April and December.
  • What is the BEC?
    BEC is the abbreviation for our Branch Executive Committee.  This is the group of members that oversees the management of our branch. It consists of our Big Sir, Little Sir, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Assistant Secretary and 6 Directors.
  • Who is on the BEC?
    Go to our Executive Board page to see who is currently on the BEC.
  • How do I find out what our branch executive board is doing?
    All Branch Executive Meeting minutes are posted in the Administrative section of the web site.  Click HERE to get to the listing.
  • Who do I contact if I want to be considered for a position on the BEC?
    Contact any member on our Nominating Committee to express your interest in a BEC position. This committee includes Joe Rivello, Robert Caviglia and Ernie Fierro.

  • How much are dues?
    For 2020, member dues have increased to $40.  All members are required to pay.
  • What happens if I don't pay dues?
    After 2 consecutive months of attempts to get payment, non-paying members are subject to "voluntary resignation". These members will be considered "as having chosen to resign" from SIR 128 per SIR State rules 105 and 106.
  • When are dues collected?
    Annual dues will be collected at the January, February and March luncheons in cash or check for existing members. New members joining during the year, are required to pay a pro-rated rate of $4 per month for the remaining months of the calendar year at the meeting they are inducted into the branch.
    Dues can also be paid via PayPal throughout the year. Checks should be made out to "SIR 128".
  • Who pays dues?
    All members are required to pay dues with the following exceptions:
  • Why do we have dues?
    In 2016, the Branch Executive Committee (BEC) voted to adopt the SIR State recommendation to establish an annual dues structure rather than rely on meal surcharges, donations and/or raffle proceeds for funding.  Funding is required to cover member assessments from the State organization, branch operating costs such as (web site, newsletter printing, postage, badges, cards, placards, posters etc.). Historically, the branch has also provided financial assistance to special events such as the annual Ladies Luncheon and Holiday Dinner/Dance party.  

  • Are there different types of membership?
    • ACTIVE members can be
      • Standard Members
      • Honorary Life Member (HLM) is special designation awarded to members who have made significant contributions of service to the branch over an extended period of at least 5 years. They must be approved by the state organization. HLMs do not have to pay dues. Branches may have 1 HLM per every 50 members. Once an HLM reaches 10 years in that status, they are designated as a "Senior" HLM which does not count against the HLM limit for the branch.
  • Can membership status be lost?
    The breach of any Sir Branch Rule, Bylaw, or regulation, or refusal to conform thereto, may be cause for membership termination, expulsion, or suspension. (Requires two-thirds affirmative vote of Branch Executive Committee). Failure to pay annual dues is also grounds for member termination.
  • How many members do we have?
    Go to to our Membership Change Report page to find out our current active member count.  The active member count will be the right-most cell in the top row. Inactive members are listed separately as the are not included in our active total (we pay a quarterly assessment to SIR State for each active member). This page also provides a history of members joining, going to inactive status, or leaving the branch. 
  • What are membership requirements to be a member in good standing in SIRs?
    You must pay dues and be nice!

Monthly Luncheons
  • What is an "Unexcused Absence"?
    This is when you fail to let us know by the Sunday before a scheduled monthly luncheon that you will not be attending.  We need this information by the Sunday before because we are required to provide a FIRM number of meals to the meeting venue no later than the Monday morning before the meeting. Members who do not let us know they won't be coming may be charged for the lunch!
  • What happens if I don't let you know I will not be attending the luncheon?
    Our policy for members who do not notify us in advance of missing a luncheon is as follows:
    1. Every active member (this policy does not apply to inactive members as it is assumed that they will not be attending) will have one free unexcused absence per calendar year. We know that sometimes you are called away or have an emergency that prevents you from calling. Our Attendance Chair (Sir Bob Lyons) will continue to remind those that did not contact us.
    2. For their second unexcused absence, the member will get a bill for the cost of the lunch. Our Attendance Chair will send an enclosed postage-paid envelope for you to send in your check to our Branch Treasurer.
    3. If the bill is not paid within one month the member will be put on inactive status. He will be notified what to do to be reactivated.
    4. An unexcused absence is defined as not contacting us by the Sunday before the luncheon meeting so that we can give the count to The Bridges by Monday morning. A real emergency or illness at the last minute will be taken into consideration.
  • Why did the branch implement this "Unexcused Absence" policy?
    Our branch has averaged 15-20 unexcused absences a month over the past two years. Despite the hard work of a team over the past eight months to reduce this number it has stayed relatively the same. What makes it even harder is that there are different people not contacting us from month to month.
    We have been using both branch financial and human resources to deal with this since we moved to The Bridges (they charge us for the number of lunches provided in our Monday estimate). We no longer feel it is the obligation of other branch members to expend their money and effort for those who simply do not call in or contact us in one of the four ways available.
    We’ve benchmarked other branches and they charge the cost of lunch for unexcused absences. Therefore, the BEC has determined that this new policy would be Effective September 2017.

Using Our Website
  • How do I change my password?
    Go to My Profile under the MEMBER menu and  click on the Change Password link. Please note that your new password needs to be 8-15 characters and may contain a-z, A-Z, 0-9, _, !, @ or #. (only 4 special characters allowed) Click Here if you want to do it now!
  • How do I register for an account on the website?
    Step 1.  Go to our home page and click the “New to our Branch?” graphic (Big & Little Sir's faces) in the upper left corner of the screen. 
    Step 2.  Fill in the required information of name, nickname, address, phone & email to create your account.  Make sure you click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page.  The information submitted will be sent to a site administrator to verify your membership status.  
    Step 3.  Once confirmed as an active Branch member by the site administrator (this usually happens within minutes but if an administrator is not available it could take longer), you will be emailed a password and username (your email address) which will allow you to logon to the web site.
  • Is there a way to find out what has changed on the web site since my last visit without looking at each page?
    Absolutely!  The “What’s New” feature located on the home page provides an easy way to see only the changes or new content since your last visit.  Just type in the number of days since your last visit and you will see a list of linkable items that take you right to the changed web pages.  Click here to check it out!
  • What do I do if I forget my password?
    It's easy to retrieve your password if you forget it.  All you have to do is enter your userid (your email address) into the logon screen dialogue box, skip over the password box and click on the "Forgot Password" link.  The system will email your password to you immediately.  Once you logon, you should go to the My Profile link under the MEMBER menu where you can change your password to something you can more easily remember OR just write it down somewhere you will remember.   
  • What happened to the old Member Directory with photos of everyone?
    With our new website template, there is a built in directory feature that has powerful search features making it easier to find who you are looking for. Under MEMBERS -> MEMBER DIRECTORY you can search and view by multiple criteria. Once you find an individual select VIEW to see their picture and profile details. Also, under the same page you can download the Printer Friendly Directory which is updated monthly. This contains the same details including photos.
  • What is my website user-id?
    It is your full email address. 
  • Where do I send my questions, comments or suggestions for this web site?
    You are encouraged to post your suggestions, comments and complaints to our MESSAGE BOARD - WEB SITE DESIGN. You can also send your questions, comments, suggestions or complaints to info@sir128.com. They will be responded to!  
  • Why do I have to register to access some of the pages on this site?
    Registration to the site allows us to confirm that only branch 128 members have access to member directory information which contains address and contact information.  It also is needed to take advantage of the RSVP functionality to keep track of event/meeting attendance.  
  • Why do I keep getting knocked out of the web site and have to log back in?
    Some members have complained that they keep getting "kicked" out of the system and are forced to log back in.  What is happening is that they are closing the internet browser window rather than using the back button to return to the previous screen or using the navigation menus to move around the site.  When you close the browser window and you have not asked for your password to be remembered, you will be forced to log on again.  This is set up this way per recommendation of the web site company to avoid the issue of continually opening new browser windows which can cause it's own set of problems.