Activities Updates

Michael Lee
Activity Reporter
BOCCE: Truman Howard  truman.howard@gmail.com
Waiting for SIR State approval to resume playing. When the park is open, we will contact all bocce players on our list with a start date via email. If you want to be on the email contact list please send your address to truman.howard@gmail.com.
BOOK CLUB AM: Al Hudock aahu@astound.net
After meeting the last year via Zoom, the AM Book Group is scheduled to meet outside at Oak Hill Park Monday April 5th.  It will be good to see everyone in person again.  We all have had our vaccination shots for Covid.
Our discussion will be on the Best Seller THE FOUR WINDS by Kristin Hannah.  The hardships faced by farmers in Texas during the Depression & Dust Bowl years with life changing decisions about whether to tough it out in Texas or move on to other places like California or Oregon.
Contact Al Hudock (aahu@astound.net) if you would like additional information about the Book Group.
BOOK CLUB PM: Paul Sheckler  pk7sheck@sbcglobal.net
The evening book club is reading "News of the World" by Paulette Jiles ithis month which is now an HBO movie starring Tom Hanks.   At a Zoom meeting on April 20 the club will discuss "Anxious People" by Frederick Backman, in which a failed bank robbery becomes a hostage situation.  The victims are argumentative and difficult, the bank robbery is distraught and a realtor is incompetent...anxious times indeed.
BOOK CLUB #3: Denny Hintz  dennyhintz@gmail.com
Book Club 3 is reading a non-fiction WWII "The Grey Goose of Arnhem" by Leo Heaps.  We meet on Zoom March 24th at 3pm to discuss. Our April book is a fiction murder mystery "Special Circumstances by Sheldon Siegel. There are no plans yet to meet in person.
BOWLING: John Monahan  johnmon596@yahoo.com
When we get to ORANGE bowling palaces will be able to reopen.
BRIDGE: Bob Colbourn  r1colbourn@sbcglobal.net
On Hold.
COOKING: John Noll  john@coastal-mktg.com
On Hold. We met virtually for cocktails and yearn to get back together in person.
CYCLING: Bill Corbett  wc1894@gmail.com
Cycling will resume with cyclists wear masks and maintain 6' distancing when gathering to begin the ride. They will maintain distance when stopping at stop signs or on trails and all local, county, and state restrictions will be followed as they modify.
DINE-IN: Alan Schoeder  aldora64@aol.com
On Hold.
DINE-OUT: Jim Quon  askquon@yahoo.com
Stay tuned for some good news soon… hopefully!
FISHING: Pedro Contreras  petjan@pacbell.net
The fishing group is still very active and meets next on March 25th at 8:30am. They are also planning future trips under the new regulations. If interested please contact Pedro Contreras at petjan@pacbell.net.
FRIDAY MONTHLY BREAKFAST: Fred Pourmirzaie  fpourm@gmail.com
The monthly Friday Breakfasts at Black Bear Diner are being postponed indefinitely.
COUPLES GOLF: John Kent  johnkent818@gmail.com
The Couples Golf group will have our monthly outing at the 9-hole Executive course at Monarch Bay in San Leandro on Thursday, March 18, at 10AM. A bring-your-own picnic lunch will be held in the park directly across from the golf course. Please bring lawn chairs so we can socially distance the picnic. Registration is currently on the #128 website.
GOLF 9-HOLE: Bo Brummett  carolnbo@comcast.net
The 9 hole group is starting to play our travel courses such as Marina 9 hole, Diablo Hills and Dublin Ranch. As the weather gets better these are fun places to play. Our home 9 hole course at the Pleasanton fairgrounds is undergoing some great improvements to the tee boxes by enlarging them and adding new women’s tees to make the course even better.
GOLF TUESDAY 18-HOLE: Dan Poulin  dan.poulin@comcast.net
We have fully resumed organizing Tuesday golf outings for our members. Over the coming weeks we are playing Dublin Ranch, Paradise Valley, Callippe Preserve, Rancho Solano and Metropolitan. All members are welcome to sign-up on the SIR 128 website.
GOLF THURSDAY: Jim Briggs jim.briggs824@gmail.com
The group resumed play on February 18th. The SIR website has been updated and includes the schedule for the remainder of 2021. There are four foursomes (16 golfers) each week who continue to use local courses - Callippe, Las Positas, San Ramon, Dublin Ranch, Poppy Ridge, Canyon Lakes, Metropolitan, and Bridges. Tee times usually start between 8:30 and 9:30.
HIKING: Bob Turner  urnerta@att.net
Traditionally we have hiked the last Friday of the month with a few special hikes thrown in for spice. Mark Schlitt and I will be publishing a schedule of hikes for 2021 soon. Do mark your calendar for the next hike on March 26. We should have the scheduled published by then.
We are going to assume that the Covid restrictions will continue for the next few months and have that in mind as we plan the locations.
INVESTING: Mike Levine michael.levine@sbcglobal.net
Chris Johnson is a registered representative with, and securities offered through LPL Financial and offers Investment advice from Strategic Wealth Advisors Group, Inc., a registered investment advisor. He will discuss risk tolerance, demonstrate Riskalzye, and show how portfolios are constructed to match risk tolerances.
He will also discuss:
-what is meant by very aggressive, aggressive, growth, growth with income, moderately conservative, conservative
-what is the difference between strategic, tactical, balanced, alternative
-what Performance would you expect from the different Mixes.
In January, we compiled a list of stocks to "watch" during 2021. The Riskiness of this list far exceeds what a typical 74 year old would desire. However it will be used for illustration purposes to show how Riskalyze digests information and recommends a reallocation. We will also look at a Vanguard Model Portfolio and a Fidelity Model Portfolio as examples.
PICKLE BALL: Oskar Nadjari  oskar11@comcast.net
I am sorry to say we are still under the state rules that prohibit playing indoors. With the rain upon us, that doesn't leave many places we can play Pickleball. Seems we are getting closer so we have to be patient and hope we can play sooner than later. At Rudgear Park in Walnut Creek ...they are playing every day so try and get there to play. They are sometimes a little snooty for beginners so just be aware of that. They have some "cliques" there. Tice Gym is indoors but are still playing singles only. Try going on YouTube and see what they have as far as practicing by yourself and let’s hope the indoor places will be open soon. Hope to see you on the courts. Contact me with any questions I may be able to help with.
POKER GROUP 1: Robert Caviglia  rcaviglia827@comcast.net
Still on sabbatical and not intending to reconvene until it is safe to do so.
POKER GROUP 2: Ken Sterba  designpro2@hotmail.com
Same as Poker Group 1.
SENIOR HEALTH: Michael Lee  88mlee@gmail.com
The SIR129 Board has approved this new activity and a first meeting date is currently being schedule. We will meet virtually initially and then in-person as COVID-19 restrictions allow. Our first meeting will be on March 23rd at 2pm on Zoom. Contact Michael Lee for more information. 
STEM: Joe Velson  jvelson@gmail.com
On April 14th we have a presentation on the Fourier Transform formula which simplifies complex or noisy data by decomposing it into sine waves. Members should check out our Activity webpage for details about all our presentations. Zoom link is on the Virtual Links Page of our website.
TENNIS: George Kibler  glkibler@gmail.com
A group of about 10 to 15 players start at 7am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at Central Park in San Ramon.
TRAVEL: Ron Knibbs  r.knibbs@comcast.net & Tan Matosian  tgmat54@gmail.com
On hold.
WINE: Mike Sorensen  msorensen.us@gmail.com
Can you believe we are in March and we have tasted over 48 wines in that time?  There have been some outstanding bargains with very high ratings…. the adventure you are missing each Wednesday may leave you with a so-so wine when you could have had a well-priced delicious wine. You can remedy that issue…..
Last Wednesday we wandered off to find a unique red blend that wasn’t a typical Bordeaux blend or GSM.  We found a combination of Iberian, and/or Italian, and/or Rhone, and/or Boudreaux grapes combined together represented some very nice wines.  The week prior, we investigated Syrah wines, with labels such as “Miles from No Where” or “1 Last Syrah” or “Weights & Measures”.  Each of those wines were very good value wines and the rater of the wine would buy it again.
We started this four week recap with a Cabernet Sauvignon of your choice.  Two requirements: The bottle needed to be opened a couple of days earlier and then gassed. The second, we needed to have a Wisconsin cheddar, Aged Gouda, and a Pepper cheese to be tasted in conjunction with the wine.  Most found the cheddar the most enjoyable with the Cabernet.  You can guess where the pepper cheese stacked up.  We also found that having food with our Cabernet enhance the overall experience.   We all found that opening the bottle early, incorporating cheese, added a significant dimension to almost all the wines which were rated Friday or Saturday. We did the same thing the follow week with Petit Sirah with a similar result, most wines were rated a Friday wine with some very good value wines as part of the tasting.  Here the aged Gouda was the favorite pairing cheese.
Join us.  An invite is sent out to those on my email distribution (send me an email and I will add you: msorensen.us@gmail.com) with the wine of the week and any special considerations.  We now have 12 to 15 regulars, with guest appearances from others along the way. Our goal is to socialize, have fun, learn something, and sometimes come upon a remarkable wine.  We also share significant wine buying opportunities.
For more information about any activity, sign onto the Activities page of our website at SIR128.com.
If you have activity updates please let me know at any time.
If you have activity updates please let me know at any time.
For more information about any activity, sign onto the Activities page of our website at SIR128.com.
Michael Lee
Activity Reporter