Activities Updates

Michael Lee
Activity Chairman
BOCCE: Truman Howard  truman.howard@gmail.com
Sirs 128 Bocce will start at Sycamore Park in Danville April 18th @ 9:15 AM; we will continue to play every Monday until Thanksgiving.  All Sirs members are welcome to play, bring bocce balls if you have them and arrive early.  If you have never played bocce, we have tutors on every court to mentor beginners.
BOOK CLUB AM: Tony Fassiotto  tonandjan@sbcglobal.net
See the website.
BOOK CLUB PM: Paul Sheckler  pk7sheck@sbcglobal.net
The Evening Book Club met by Zoom to discuss James Bond thriller, "To Live and Let Die," selected by Tom Judson.  If you enjoyed the movie, you might read the book for detail to feed your imagination.
BOOK CLUB #3: Denny Hintz  dennyhintz@gmail.com
Our March book was a non-fiction Red Notice by Bill Browder,  which is about an investor who took on Russia. Please contact Denny if interested in joining Book Club 3.
BOWLING: John Monahan  johnmon596@yahoo.com
The SIR bowling tournament season (year long) is underway with larger than anticipated participation.  There have been two tournaments so far this year and the Sacramento tournament had 98 participants.  It has been a long time since any tournament, outside of Reno, had this many bowlers.  The next tournament is at Concord at the Clayton Valley bowl on March 22 & 23.  The application is on the SIR128 website on the bowling site. 
SIR covid rules are in place.  Bowlers must sign the release of liability SIR form and show proof of vaccination. The form release and the show of proof of vaccination only have to be done once.  If done previously at a tournament it is on record and does not have to be done again.
BRIDGE: Bob Colbourn  r1colbourn@sbcglobal.net
We are exploring being able to safely restart our meetings. Stay tuned!
COOKING: John Noll  john@coastal-mktg.com
We are planning to reopen in April. Watch the ROOSTER and web site for updates.  Third Thursday evening. April 21st at 4:30pm.  Dougherty Valley Community Center on Bollinger Canyon Road.
CYCLING: Bill Corbett  wc1894@gmail.com
We have gone on three rides this month totaling 82 miles primarily in the southern tri-valley area. We will continue to ride every Monday and Thursday, weather permitting.
DINE-IN: John Noll  john@coastal-mktg.com
We will be back together in the upcoming second quarter. Now’s the time to plan your own Dine In group. Give me an email or call: 925-570-7073.
DINE-OUT: Jim Quon  askquon@yahoo.com
I am very pleased to announce that we will hold our very first Dine Out Event for 2022 on March 24th at Hazy Barbecue at 200 Hartz Avenue in Danville. Times have changed and finding a good restaurant in the Tri Valley Area with a nice, protected outdoor patio is a real challenge in these Covid Pandemic times. We will try to continue with the Dine Out events but still concentrating on outdoor venues as an extra precaution to avoid Covid 19 infection.
FANTASY FOOTBALL: Dan Poulin  dan.poulin@comcast.net
Fantasy Football restarts this next football season!
FISHING: Pedro Contreras  petjan@pacbell.net
Monthly meeting is still the same, 4th Thursday of the month at 0830 or earlier if one wishes to have breakfast. Meeting is at the Legends Bar and Grill in Concord.
In March the annual fundraising auction for the fishing group will be held. Members bring in fishing equipment they no longer need. There are some real bargains to be had in the auction.
FRIDAY MONTHLY BREAKFAST: Pat Wilson   pat3wilson@gmail.com
Monthly Friday breakfast resume on Friday, April 29th. Contact Pat if interested.
GOLF COUPLES: John Kent  johnkent818@gmail.com
Couples Golf will be at the Alameda County Fairgrounds on Thursday, March 17, starting at 10AM.  Lunch will follow at Mexico Lindo Cantina down the road from the course. Please register for the event on the SIR website.
GOLF 9-HOLE: Bo Brummett  carolnbo@comcast.net
We have 6 new members that join us at our home course on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Pleasanton Golf Center.  It is located inside the racetrack at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds. We also enjoy traveling to other 9 hole courses in the area on Fridays once a month. For those who don't want to travel, we still maintain tee times at Pleasanton on those days. Our most recent travel course was the beautiful and challenging Diablo Hills in Walnut Creek. Our other travel courses include Marina 9 hole in San Leandro and Dublin Ranch in Dublin with its spectacular views of the tri-valley. All courses offer carts for those who want them. For those who are interested, on Fridays we often have lunch afterwards. Come out and enjoy a round of gold with a fun group of guys.
GOLF TUESDAY 18-HOLE: Larry Feigenbaum  runinmn@gmail.com
During the month of ring the month of March the Tuesday, 18-Hole Golf Group will play at Blue Rock West, San Ramon GC, Dublin Ranch, and Callippe. On March 29th the group will have our first tournament of the year at Diablo Creek. Details to follow in early March.
GOLF THURSDAY: Jim Briggs jim.briggs824@gmail.com
he Thursday golf group, due to a recent increase in popularity, is working to increase the number spots each week to 20 (five foursomes) up from 16 (four foursomes). We continue to play each week at our various local courses.
HIKING: Bob Turner  urnerta@gmail.com
We will be hiking the Pleasanton Ridge Castle Ridge entrance on March 25th. Please RSVP if joining us!
INVESTING: Mike Levine michael.levine@sbcglobal.net
For our next meeting on Wednesday, March 23rd will cover Crypto currency with an focus on Ethereum. Guest Speaker is David Hu.
LUNCH IN THE PARK: Mike Sorensen  msorensen.us@gmail.com
The next luncheon is April 6th at 11:30am at Hap McGee Park in Danville.
METROPOLITAN OPERA: Rich Vivrette  r.vivrette@am-alarm.com
The group attended Ariadne auf Naxos on March 16th.  If you’d like to be updated for our events, contact Rich.
MOVIES: Bob Lyons  rlyons1009@sbcglobal.net
On hold for now.
PICKLE BALL: Oskar Nadjari  oskar11@comcast.net
I have found a new place to play in Lafayette and they are very nice people there. The ARC in Alamo is open but only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9-1pm. Masks are required for the non-vaccinated and must be worn indoors and while playing. Cost is still $5 per session. I am still waiting for a couple more places to reopen and will let everyone know when that happens.
POKER GROUP 1: Robert Caviglia  rcaviglia827@comcast.net
Poker Group #1 has now resumed play on the 1st Monday of each month. We play low stakes games from 7-10 pm with greater emphasis on fun, socialization and Sir camaraderie. If interested in learning more about this activity, please reach out to Robert at (925) 640-8077.
POKER GROUP 2: Ken Sterba  designpro2@hotmail.com
Our monthly poker games have restarted. This is a “low stakes” game in which the dealer calls the game. We meet once/month at one of the players home(optional) and it is his option as to which day of the month he would like to host the game. We usually play on Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting at 7pm.
We play a lot of “split pots” which makes it a friendly social outing. We are currently looking for a few new players who want to have some fun with a lot of laughs & good times.
If interested contact Ken.
POKER GROUP 3:   Fred Pourmirzaie  fpourm@gmail.com
First Monday of the month. Currently full.
SENIOR FITNESS: Michael Lee  88mlee@gmail.com
On hold until Winter. In the meantime, get outside and get some exercise!
TECHNOLOGY USER GROUP: Joe Velson  jvelson@gmail.com
The Technology User Group will meet on April 13 to hear about taking better photos with your iPhone. The plan is to have a Zoom session followed by an in-person meetup to practice what we have learned. Details will be posted on our webpage as we get closer to that date.
TENNIS: George Kibler  glkibler@gmail.com
We’ve been playing 3 times each week at Central Park in San Ramon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 8:30am, weather permitting.
TRAVEL: Tan Matosian  tgmat54@gmail.com
Our trip to the Columbia/Snake River is on and we are looking forward to a great river cruise in
May, 2022. There is also a SF to Alaska planned for September of 2022. That is a Princess cruise from SF which means no flights are involved. Contact Tan for more info.
WINE: Mike Sorensen  msorensen.us@gmail.com
This past month we have wandered into the world of Blends, where the craftsmanship of the winemaker is found in a bottle. Sometimes a blend can be a mystery – due to labeling laws, finding what is in the bottle can be a challenge – we have had a couple of those.  We created some number of venues, where we sought out blends with a specific grape as the foundation, such as a Syrah or Petite Sirah.  Or we would pick a region, i.e. Northern Italy or last week Paso Robles (One of our members brought a wine made in Zamora, to learn it wasn’t in the Paso Robles AVA – things we learn, i.e. Zamora is a real place that makes wine). 
We also tried to find a “Bargain” wine from Costco.  We pick 4 wines from Costco, all under $20.  That experiment was a dismal failure.  In our experiment, we bought two bottles of each one, one we opened a couple of days earlier to let them breath.  It didn’t help.  These four wines were rated Wednesday wines – drinkable, but not noteworthy. 
In the coming weeks we are going to explore Cabernet Sauvignon.  Anyone can join our Zoom calls, 4pm every Wednesday at this Zoom address. 
If you have any questions, send me an email or call me, I am in the Directory.
On our first day back, April 20th, come and join us at the back tables along the windows (if we are set up the same as in the past).  We will be enjoying some very nice wines to celebrate our reopening at Bridges.
For more information about any activity, sign onto the Activities page of our website at SIR128.com