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Committees & Special Functions

Our SIR organization would not be able to operate without the efforts of our volunteer committees and special functions.  Branch 128 operates the following committees and special functions:
Committee/Function Responsibilities Chairperson or Lead Assistants
Activities Assist branch activity leaders to maintain programs and initiate & promote new activities within the branch Alan Schoeder Tom Barclay
Attendance Be contact for collecting information on branch attendance and provide headcount estimate to caterer for monthly luncheon Bob Lyons  
Awards Maintain branch information regarding awards and special recognition for branch members Michael Garcia  
Chaplin Provide invocation at monthly luncheons Steve Kolda  
Holiday Dinner Dance Coordinate all efforts regarding planning and execution of annual Holiday Dinner Dance event Frank Wnuk Frank O'Neill, Bill Corbett, Tony Fassiotto
Directory Editor Coordinate efforts related to maintaining our online member directory and monthly PDF version Al Hudock Joe Velson
Incentive Program Oversees Member Greeting assignments and monthly luncheon drawings Danny Basso  
Joke Master Entertain members with humor at monthly luncheons Greg Grebe  
Ladies Day Luncheon Coordinate all efforts regarding planning and execution of annual Ladies Day luncheon event Joe Reid  
Member Relations Solicit and act on branch member feedback on the activities and operations of the branch.  Greg Grebe
Mike Costello
Mike Thelen
Membership Coordinate the branch membership process which includes responding to new member requests, processing application forms and maintaining all related data in the membership database Truman Howard Al Hudock
Nominating Identify and recruit branch members to serve in leadership positions:  Big Sir, Little Sir, and Directors Bill Buhl
Joe Rivello
Ernie Fierro
Member Photos Responsible to take photos of new members as they are inducted at the monthly meetings and edit into a format that can used in the Rooster and Member Directory Howard Stoddard Gary Pilecki, John Carter
Rooster Editor Coordinate all efforts related to the publishing of the monthly newsletter called the Rooster Jim Kaiser
Robert Caviglia, Jerry Hale
Song Leader Lead branch in song at monthly luncheons Mike Thelen  
Speakers & Events Identify and recruit interesting speakers for the monthly luncheon John Kent Robert Caviglia, Dan Poulin, Danny Basso, Randy Wong, Dan Mahoney & Bob Denison
Sunshine Reporter Be the focal point to sharing information on health issues being experienced by members Steve Kolda  
Bridges Luncheon Coordinator Work with Bridges to coordinate monthly luncheon food service and preparations of monthly meeting venue Danny Basso Tony Mullins, Mac Simpson, Dan Poulin, Joe Velson
Info Technology Team Coordinate efforts to configure and maintain branch web site and membership data base; assist branch on implementation of Information Technology to improve and streamline branch operations Dan Poulin
Al Hudock
Joe Velson