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About Us

SIR is a non-profit, public benefit corporation formed for men. Our Mission is to improve the lives of our members, their spouses and partners, through fun activities and events while making Friends for Life! 
We are 60 years old with 120+ plus branches including approximately 13,500 members. Our branches cover Northern California from Bakersfield to the Oregon border and Lake Tahoe to the Pacific Ocean.
Our member expectations are few. Have the free time, be a friendly, sociable guy, participate in our luncheons and activities and introduce others to SIR so they can join in the fun.
Membership is open to men regardless of age, race, color or religion. We are an all-volunteer organization, so our members need to help out when called upon. SIR supports no outside causes or interests. We prohibit discussions of politics and religion, soliciting or selling anything to any member.
Each Branch has monthly luncheon meetings where Sirs renew old friendships and establish new ones. Speakers are invited to speak on topical subjects of general interest. Most Branches have summer and winter luncheons and a BBQ where wives, partners and guests are invited.
Of special interest are Branch activities like golf, bowling, travel, bocce, bridge, poker, walking, hiking, computers, dining out, wine tasting and investing. Our list of activities and events is extensive and many are coed. If there is an activity you are passionate about and we doesn't have it, we will help you start it and involve others. Come join us and be part of the fun – and, better yet, Make Friends for Life!
Our branch 128 members are required to pay annual dues in the amount of $40 which covers the operational expenses to keep the branch going (web site, new letter publishing, special events subsidies, etc.)  Luncheons are currently held at the The Bridges golf course in San Ramon and the cost to attend is $26 which includes a buffet lunch and guest speaker.  

So if you want to make new friends, participate in fun activities and better enjoy your leisure time, you should definitely consider joining our SIR branch.  It's quick, easy and painless!  Click HERE to apply.

San Ramon Valley SIR Branch #128 was established under the sponsorship of Branch 101 (Livermore) and advisor, Len Bolgen, who was then Area Governor. Herb Jacobus, Harry Mucciolo, and Dave Tobias were all instrumental in the initial organization and recruitment of new members. The first meeting was April 1, 1985 at the Brass Door in San Ramon. About a dozen men showed up. They were informed that they had to sign up 25 men in order to obtain a temporary charter.

The next month they met at the Willow Tree in Dublin at which they signed up the requisite 25. Volunteers were asked to take over officer duties. Al Keefer volunteered to become Big Sir, Ed Yosh Little Sir, Joe Chambless Secretary, and Val Hathaway Treasurer.

Growth was slow. 100 members, enough for a permanent charter, was reached in March 1987. A permanent charter was awarded in May 1987. First election of officers was held in October 1987 with the following results:

Big Sir: Al Keefer Little Sir: Ed Yosh Secretary: Joe Chambers Treasure: Dave Tobias
Meetings were initially held at the Branding Iron in Danville for a couple of years but, due to space limitations in the Danville/San Ramon area, a larger meeting place was selected at the Royal Vista Country Club, 9430 Fircrest Lane, San Ramon (cross street - Alcosta Boulevard) which was the branch home until August, 2016. Starting in September, 2016, The Bridges Golf Club at 9000 S. Gale Ridge Rd, San Ramon​ became the new branch home. Luncheon meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month starting at 11:30 am.  Check-in starts at 10:30 am to allow time for member socialization.  

Committees consist of, but are not limited to; Attendance, Awards, Bicycling, Bowling, Branch Historian, Bridge, Rooster (Newsletter) Editor, Chaplain, Computer, Fishing, Golf, Membership, Poker, Skiing, Spring Ladies Luncheon, Holiday Dinner Dance, Sunshine Reporting, Tennis, Tour Directors - (Long trips and Short trips), and any other committees that may be formed in the future. 
Branch 128 is a member of Area 17 (Region 5). The other 5 branches are as follows:
  • Br. 34, (Tri-Valley) Pleasanton. Meets 1st Thursday (noon) at San Ramon Golf Club, San Ramon
  • Br. 101, Livermore. Meets 4th Tuesday (11 am) at Doubletree Club, Livermore
  • Br. 108, Brentwood.Meets 4th Tuesday (noon) at Nines Restaurant, Brentwood
  • Br.155, (Mendenhall) Livermore. Meets 2nd Tuesday (11:30 am) at Canton Village, Livermore
  • Br. 161, Discovery Bay. Meets 2nd Tuesday (noon), at Discovery Bay Country Club, Brentwood

Our Big Sir Pantheon
Greg Grebe
Bob Turner
Phil Davey
Ernie Fierro
Fred Moir
Frank Wnuk
Marty Seaman
Dick Steineke
Joe Rivello
Ron Marguglio
Bill Buhl
Bernie Brenner
Bill Olmo
John Hunt
Bruce Saltzman
Marston Watson
Don Decker
Gerry Fried
Dale Gallinatti
Harvey Holbert
Ed Hilko
Bob Bowers
Dan Simpson
Patrick Selak
Baxter Kimbrough
Tom Wintch
Jim Swarts
Ed Yosh
Art Oliver

Allen Keefer