Speaker Information

Our speaker for July 17 will be Bob Maddox
Not a politician, civil servant, or published author like many of our Luncheon speakers. Bob will speak about one of his many passions, Electric Vehicles. Actually, for the last 63 years he has been in love with cars of all types starting with a 1964 ½ Ford Mustang.  He’s also a fan of technology of all types. EVs combine cars with cutting edge technology. In 2009, while attending the annual Concourse d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, he had an opportunity to drive the then new Tesla Roadster and was hooked!
Suddenly, EVs are everywhere. Some of you may be considering buying one, many others are just interested in what this big automotive change is all about.  Bob will cover a little bit of the history of electric vehicles, then get into what the ownership experience is all about.  He will discuss home charging issues and talk about what it’s like to go on a road trip and deal with Super Chargers, not so super chargers and the dreaded “Range Anxiety”. 
Finally, he will address the major concerns that make people hesitant to commit to an electric car.
Our speaker for August 21 will be Sean Casey
Sr. Information Security Analyst at Patelco
Sean has 25 years of Information Security experience and has been with Patelco for 4 years. As Sr. Principal Information Security Analyst, his position is to lead the Information Security team, providing advice and peer-level guidance in information security situations.
He leads the Patelco Security Champions program, evangelizing strong information security practices across the enterprise. He runs their security training functions, manages third parties who are preforming information security functions and presents to our communities on fraud and information security topics.  
Our speaker for September 18 will be Cassandra Miranda
Executive Director of Meals on Wheels, Contra Costa
Cassandra is the Executive Director at Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa, Inc. As Executive Director she works with many community partners in providing meals to the homes of seniors living in Contra Costa County who are homebound and unable to prepare nutritious meals for themselves. Cassandra has a blended background working with both non-profits and local government for over 15 years.
Cassandra holds a Bachelor of Art in Sociology, Organizational Studies from University of California, Davis, and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Maryland. Over the last five years Cassandra has dedicated her time to perfecting her skills in generating community support for non-profit missions in both revenue development and advocacy.