Social Section Page Directory

The Social section of our web site is intended to provide information on our upcoming special events listed in chronological order.
You can also find a link to our PAST EVENTS ARCHIVE. The archive will provide a glimpse of some of the fun things are branch as done. Entries are listed from most recent to least recent.
This is also where you can link to our Branch Calendar. The calendar includes activity and special events dates. In some cases, links are provided to the appropriate sign-up page for a particular event OR to the activity page for that group.
Lastly, we have a link to a PayPal page. Some events are setup to process member payments via PayPal. There is a 3% convenience fee usually associated with payment submitted this way.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for in this section or have suggestions for new content that should be posted here, please forward your request to info@sir128.com