Chaplain's Corner

Steve Kolda
If you know of any Sir  who  has  recently passed away, is ill or is otherwise in need of our moral support please let me or someone else in leadership know so we can reach out to the family. Please make sure the Sir or his next of kin has given you permission to share what you know. Please confirm the latest address for the Sir or next of kin so that notes of condolence go to the right place. Thanks.

I am sure that many of you know Chuck Lipper.  He played Bocce and golf with as recently as a couple of weeks ago. Chuck had stage IV prostate cancer.  He responded to chemotherapy very well and get well for the past 2+ years.  He played golf with the 9-hole group, played bocce and was very busy with his hobby, making interesting clay sculptures, attended Tai Chi classes at the Danville senior center.  He was a wonderful friend who supported me (Richard Gracer) …..About 2-3 weeks ago he had a regular scan which showed that the cancer increased. Medical treatment could not slow this down.  He passed away peacefully this morning (June 17) with his son, Collin and his wife Pam present. There is no formal service planned at this point per his request.”  (Submitted by Richard Gracer)

This page is where you tell me who are the SIRS who are in need  

Please use the contact form to the right to pass along member health or passing information and it will be promptly posted. Thank You
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