In reference to recognizing our members, our branch makes a special effort to recognize and celebrate members who receive special recognition awards and/or reach established branch milestones.
Some awards must be conferred by the SIR State organization such as Honorary Life Member status and Senior and Super Senior designations. We also have our own special recognition awards such as our branch Special Branch Recognition award for members who are recognized for their major contributions of time and effort for the benefit of the branch. The branch also recognizes all Members who are celebrating a 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30-year anniversary milestone.
Our Recognition Chairman, Dusty Calvin is charged with the responsibility of keeping track and informing the BEC of upcoming milestones and awards to be conferred on our members. Most awards are presented at our luncheons and included in our monthly ROOSTER newsletter and on our web site.
Please contact Dusty if you are aware of any special community recognition that our members may have received so they can be properly recognized by our branch. You can reach Dusty at bcalvin@calvin-asociates.com.

Nomination Form

Do you know someone in our Branch worthy of special recognition? If so, please select the link below to download a copy of our Recognition Nomination Form. Completed forms should be send to Dusty Calvin (bcalvin@calvin-associates.com) and Tony Mullins (tonymu11inz@gmail.com).

Special Branch Recognition

Our branch received the prestigious Area Governor's Branch Award
Presented to our Branch Leadership at SIR State Meeting on Aug 20, 2019

Honorary Life Members

Congratulations to Frank Wnuk, SIR128’s newest Honorary Life Member!
Big Sir Michael Garcia and SIR President Dave Gonzales present Frank with his Honorary Life Member award plaque while Frank's wife, Monica, looks on. 

Congratulations to Joe Rivello, awarded Honorary Life Member status in Oct, 2019
Joe has been a member of SIR Branch 128 since 2007 and has served our branch in many capacities. A former Big Sir, Joe has also been a prime contributor to the success of our branch through his relentless recruiting efforts, his chairmanship of our annual Ladies Day Luncheon (2018-19), his continuing efforts on our branch Nominating Committee, and involvement in activity groups such as the Tuesday 18-hole golf group and others. 
Joe is pictured receiving the award at our October 2019 luncheon meeting with his wife Angela.

Dan Poulin awarded HLM status in April, 2019
Dan has been a member of SIR Branch 128 since 2009 and has served our branch in many capacities. A former BEC member serving as Secretary and Director from 2012 - 2017, Dan led efforts to build a new branch web site in 2013 which he continues to expand and maintain with members of a admin team he leads. He  has also provided administrative support for major branch events such as the Holiday Dinner/Dance Party and Ladies Day Luncheons. Dan has been an activity leader for several groups (Tuesday 18-hole golf & Fantasy Football) and assumed responsibility for the branch NCGA membership as chairman in 2016. He has also assumed responsibility for providing technical assistance for video presentations at our monthly luncheons and creating a pre-luncheon slide show that keeps members informed on branch news, events, and interest items. 
Dan is pictured receiving the award at our April 2019 luncheon meeting with his wife Chris, flanked to the left by fellow HLM Bill Buhl and to to the right with HLMs Ernie Fierro and Bill Olmo.

Ernie Fierro awarded HLM status in 2017
Ernie has been a member of SIR Branch 128 since 2009 and has served our branch in many capacities. A former Big Sir in 2015, Ernie has also been a prime contributor to the success of our branch with his efforts to transition our monthly luncheons from the San Ramon Golf  Club to The Bridges in 2017. He was instrumental in getting the new venue up and running and continually worked to refine the experience for our members. He continues to lend his skills to the BEC as an advisor  and special project lead, as well as, a member of the branch Nominating Committee.
Ernie Fierro and wife Theresa listening to Big Sir Ed Benson comments as he presents Ernie with his Honorary Life Member award as Big Sir Bob Turner looks on.

Jim Kaiser awarded HLM status in 2016
Jim has been a member of SIR Branch 128 since 1993 making him our longest tenured member! He has served our branch in many capacities. A former BEC secretary/assistant secretary from 2003-2008 and as the branch Finance Leader from 2008-2012. Jim continues to serve as our ROOSTER newsletter editor since 2006. Over the years, Jim has been an active participant in the Book Club, Bridge, Poker, Dine-Out activities.
Jim Kaiser and his wife Dottie during HLM presentation ceremony

Bill Buhl awarded HLM Status in 2014
Bill has been a member of SIR Branch 128 since 1999 and has served our branch in many capacities. A former Big Sir and BEC advisor (2008-2009), he continued to lend his skills to the BEC as an advisor, and up until recently, as a member of the branch Nominating Committee. Bill was actively involved in planning and staging our Annual Holiday Dinner/Dance event from 2002-2006. He has also been a prime contributor either as an activity leader, assistant leader or participant in the Cycling in Hiking groups.  
Bill receiving HLM award by SIR Area Governor

Bill Olmo awarded HLM status in 2009
and SENIOR HLM status in 2019
Bill has been a member of SIR Branch 128 since 1996. He served as Big Sir in 2006, and as a BEC advisor over the years. With his IBM background, he created the branch technology activity group which has recently been re-designated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Until his retirement as lead for this group, he organized presentations covering all facets of technology for the group. He also is a member of the 9-Hole golf group. 

Certificates of Appreciation

Others Certificates of Appreciation To Follow...

Other members in the past have been recognized for their contributions to the branch.
Here is a listing of those members with the year of the recognition:
Bob Denison (2015)
Dick Steineke (2012)
Bill Ryan (2012)
Bill Lennon (2012)
Joe Rivello (2011)
Ed Del Rio (2010)
Bob Kerner (2010)
Gary Desser (2010)
Bob Denison (2010)
Al Hudock (2010)
Jim Kaiser (2010)
Len Course (2009)
Jim Quon (2010)
Bill Olmo (2005)

"Above and Beyond" Awards

Congratulations to Michael Lee for this award in June, 2021
Congratulations to Mike Sorensen for this award in February, 2021
Congratulations to Paul Sheckler for his award in December, 2020
Congratulations to Joe Velson for this award in September, 2020
Congratulations to Jerald Cerri for this award in June, 2020

Senior, Super Senior & Century Senior Awards.

Presented by the State Board to active members having attaining the of age 90 (Senior), age 95 (Super Senior), or 100 (Century)
Jim Powers

Longevity Milestone Recognition

Congratulations to SIR Jim Kaiser for reaching the 25 year Membership Longevity mark!
Our branch values all members but honors those that have spent significant amounts of time with us. The following listing shows those members, in seniority, that have achieved 25, 20, 15, 10 & 5 year milestones of membership in branch 128. 
25+ Year Members (2)
as of Jan 2020
Joe  Cardinale
Jim  Kaiser
20+ Year Members (10)
as of Jan 2020
Bob  Brown
Bill  Olmo
Phil  Reed
Harvey  Riggs
Oscar  Larsen
George  English
Elmer  Spartz
John  Arezone
Bill  Buhl
15+ Year Members (25)
as of Jan 2020
Don  Burns
Gary  Soto
Gary  Anderson
Jack  Carver
Marty  Seaman
Clem  Teeters
Pete  Davey
Jerald  Cerri
Howard  Stoddard
Jim  Quon
Don  Vorous
Tom  Mullican
Tom  Judson
Bob  Hussey
Chuck  McCormick
Ed  Del Rio
Bob  Kerner
Leroy  Vares
Bob  Denison
Ron  Marguglio
Doug  Williams
Jim  Hanafee
Tan  Matosian
Dick  Thull
John  Oswell
Dennis  Wygal
10+ Year Members (38)
as of Jan, 2020
Bill  Hurley
Bob  Durand
Dick  Gilpin
Jim  Creston
Bob  Basile
Del  Boscacci
Tony  Fassiotto
Gil  Medeiros
Al  Hudock
Scott  May
Paul  Sheckler
Joe  Rivello
John  Carter
Jim  Noe
Jim  Powers
Karl  Scheick
Jim  Powers
Leonard  Dorin
Tony  Mullins
Frank  Wnuk
John  Monahan
Don  Shewey
George  Bishop
Don  Holmes
Bob  Lyons
Paul  Kupras
Herb  Schreiber
Jerry  Luzar
Ron  Lowe
Bud  Audette
Dennis  Goodman
Dan  Poulin
Pedro  Contreras
Mark  Strider
Mike  Wilhelm
Pat  Dugan
Ernie  Fierro
Rod  Andrade
Dail  Phillips
5+ Year Members (72)
as of January 2020
Bob  Colbourn
Denny  Morrissey
Doug  Bristow
Woon  Chung
Alan  Schoeder
Greg  Grebe
Mike  Maher
Rich  Martinez
John  Archer
Bob  Corsiglia
Steve  Kolda
Gary  Pilecki
Barry  Rauchle
Ken  Ruff
Andy  Sinclair
Pat  Wilson
Robert  Caviglia
Randy  Slade
Dick  Briggs
Jim  Stout
Wayne  Weible
John  Fischer
Jerry  Gray
Phil  Davey
Frank  Fanelli
Gary  Sarmento
Bob  Maddox
Pat  Melissare
Ed  Locatelli
Ron  Knibbs
Ron  Scales
Bob  Turner
Rich  Vivrette
Larry  Roy
Tom  Barclay
Steve  Miller
Dave  Miller
Ed  McMillan
Bob  Weir
Keith  Wilson
Ernie  Pazzi
Phil  Sargent
Dan  Cold
Mike  Caselle
George  Cushing
Russ  Teves
Rich  England
Mike  Sorensen
Randy  Starkweather
Bob  Weber
Dan  Mahoney
Mike  Mullineaux
Jim  Hughell
Sid  King
Bob  Rosevear
Bo  Brummett
Oskar  Nadjari
Richard  Sweeney
Doug  Vieira
Ken  Burns
Bill  Corbett
Charlie  Grannis
Al  Turner
Herman  Bustos
Ed  Carlisle
Greg  Lema
Bob  Biasotti
John  Keenan
John  Kushik
Jeff  Lewis
Ed  Meshinsky
John  Newell
Mike  Young

Community Award Winners


Dick, a former Big Sir in 2011, was honored in 2018 for his service as a longtime volunteer to Catholic causes. He was recognized by the Board of Directors of St. Vincent de Paul of Contra Costa County with a Top Hat Award, the most prestigious honor bestowed on St. Vincent de Paul's members/volunteers, known as Vincentians.

He was also recognized as a longtime member of the St. Vincent de Paul leadership team, and was one of the first mentors in the Workforce Development Program. Dick volunteered at the SVdP/Loaves & Fishes Free Dining Room, for many years. His expertise was instrumental to the development and growth of St. Vincent de Paul's thrift stores. His knowledge of the retail sales and commercial property environments led to his identification of the site for the new SVdP Brentwood Help and Hope Thrift Store, which opened in February, 2018. He has served on the SVdP board as secretary, and served in a leadership role on the SVdP Thrift Stores committee for many years.

Dick was also recognized for his work on behalf of the St. Joan of Arc-San Ramon conference, the District Council and St. Vincent de Paul's Workforce Development and Thrift Store programs. Friends and family gathered to celebrate his accomplishments on April 5, 2018 at St. Joan of Arc and share stories of how he transformed lives with his service and dedication. Dick passed away from illness in 2018.

In the past few months, Jim has been recognized with a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT award by the East Bay Leadership Council and MARTIN LUTHER KING HUMANITARIAN OF THE YEAR award from Contra Costa County!