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Bill Corbett
The Sirs cycle group continues to have a great time getting together for some vigorous adventures and old standby local rides. We have 18 active members in the group that join in the fun and fellowship on our weekly rides. We have grown in numbers as new younger Sir members come in with physical exercising high on their priority list. Most of our rides have been in the 20 to 50 mile range, and our easy rider members still get out for shorter rides.
Frank O'Neill
For those that would like to join us, we plan easy rides on Thursdays and challenging rides on Mondays.

If you are interested in more information about the cycle group please contact co-leaders Bill Corbett or Frank O'Neill (contact information is available in our membership directory).

Our Latest Activity Report
We had a busy riding month in September. There were 10 organized rides for 268 miles. In the past two months we have added 7 members to the cycling group, bringing our total to 43 on our contact list. On September 21st, We took part in the V3 September Fest fundraiser ride for disabled veterans put on by the San Ramon Rotary Club. We had 8 participants from our group.
Seated - Left to right Bill Buhl, Bill Corbett, Frank O'Neill, Dan VanDerZanden, Dave Miller, Steve Kolda, Jim Suffoletta.
Behind the camera - John Yates.
July was a busy month. We went on 11 rides for a total of 288 miles with 77 participants. Three of rides were led by Jerald Cerri. Thank you Jerald!
August will also be a very full month. The highlight will be a ride in the Napa valley on August 5th.
We had 12 rides in June. Thanks to Jerald Cerri for leading 4 moderate rides when we had challenging rides scheduled on the same day. In all, we traveled 316 miles and there were 87 participants. Our rides this month included, Redwood Road, Mt Diablo, Altimont Pass, Dublin Canyon, Collier Canyon and more. Traveled through various communities: Sunol, Livermore, Castro Valley, Orinda, Moraga, Concord, and everything in between.
A group picture at the Verona bridge.
We organized 8 rides this month attended by 79 cyclists.  We also had one rainout  attended by 7 of us.
Our rides traveled a total of 247 miles.
The May highlights were:
-  Cycled the American river from Sacramento toward Folsom dam and back.
-  Participated in the ride to work day.   Picked up some goodies on the ride.
-  Cycled to Tesla and Mines road in Livermore.  Watched the Tour of California go by.
SIRs ride on American River
Left to Right: Wing Tse, Dan VanDeZanden, Steve Kolda, Frank O'Neill, Tom Cathcart, Dennis Wygal, Jerry Hale, Jim Hughell, Mac Simpson, Bill Corbett
For April, we had fairly good weather. We have had 7 rides so far and 2 more scheduled before the end of the month. We have cycled loops to various places, such as: Las Trampas, Sunol, Altamont Pass, Cull Canyon, Collier Canyon and more. So far we have had 71 attendees on 7 rides totaling 207 miles.
Above is a photo at the Verona bridge: Near Foothill, about 3 mi north of Sunol . L to R Frank Wnuk, Tom McMillen, Frank O'Neill, Jerry Hale, Rich England, Steve Kolda, Tom Cathcart, Dan VanDeZanden, Jim Hughell, Dennis Goodman. Bill Corbett behind the camera.
In January we had 5 group rides for 137 miles,  We also had 4 rain outs.
For those that are interested in joining the cycling group, we ride twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays
We are also planning out of area rides
1 -  River ride (Sacramento to Folsom reservoir)  paved trail, open to all abilities  (April)
2 - Wine country ride (Yountville to Calistoga)  Multiple routes - open to all abilities  (July)
We participated in 9 rides in October, cycling all around the east bay for a total of 246 miles. We had 73 SIRs participate and averaged about 8 per ride.
in September we had 10 rides.  Ranging from easy (about 20-24 miles with few hills) to very challenging  (30  to 62 miles with long and some steep climbs)
There were 84 participants, with a low of 4 to high of 13.  We planed rides all over the tri-valley  Concord to the north, Castro Valley, Orinda to the west, Livermore to the south and Altamont pass to the east.
Our signature ride was on 9/15, when six of our SIRs entered the Hopfest, which was hosted by the San Ramon rotary club to raise $$ for the children of military families.  Beer was served at the conclusion of the ride,  We were a little dehydrated and a couple of beers....You can figure out the rest.

We had 77 riders participate in 8 rides for a total of 221 miles in July. Our most difficult ride was San Ramon to Redwood road through Moraga and return via Alamo and Danville for 49 miles and 2400 feet of climbing. 

Image above (Bill C on the camera) Top: Mac, Neil Middle: Dan V, Bill B, Tom C, Howard, Jim, Dennis, Frank W, Frank O Bottom: Jerald

On September 15th, we are riding the HopFest.  Some are riding 30 miles and some are riding 60. The money collected goes to the rotary club to help out military children.  There are about 15 micro brewery's that will be serving their beer to the registered riders at the completion of the ride.  The Hop Fest is from Noon to 5P and can be attended by anyone for a $35 fee. (Not required to be a rider)  The start and finish is in the ATT parking lot on Camino Ramon (North East lot). Link to see more detail:

The cycle group went on 9 rides this month.  We traveled 234 miles with a total 78 participants.  Some highlights of the month were:
  • Mount Diablo -30mi
  • Yountville to Calistoga loop - 46mi
  • Loop around San Francisco - 26mi
  • Eden Canyon - 22mi
  • Collier Canyon - 34mi
Pictures of our July 26th run into San Francisco
Here is a shot of us having lunch in Calistoga on July 16th

Clockwise from the far left ; Dennis Goodman, Dan VanDeZanden, Bill Buhl, Jim Hughell, Dennis Wygal, John Kimes, Steve Kolda, Malcom Simpson, Bill Corbett behind the camera

Also check out our Archive for more info & photos of some of our past rides!

Members are able to select from an average of about three rides a week that vary in difficulty. Email messages for upcoming rides are usually sent out several days in advance.


Our rides include easy rides which last for about an hour or so and are on mostly level terrain, usually stopping for refreshments at a local coffee shop, and covering about ten miles.

Our more moderate rides last around two hours and include some short hill work often right here in the San Ramon Valley and will cover about 15-20 miles.

Our moderate/difficult rides are from two to three hours with a bit more hill work and usually covering about 25-30 miles or so.

Our difficult rides are usually from 30-50 miles lasting about four to five hours with more challenging hill work and often include a stop for lunch.

Most of our members have road bikes. We all wear helmets, carry cell phones and liquids, observe traffic laws, and are courteous to walkers, joggers, automobiles, and other cyclists. The pace for each ride is set at a speed that allows all cyclist to stay together.



One of the challenging organized rides that our group has participated in pretty regularly is the Tour de Peninsula. This ride which starts at Coyote Point Park south of SFO offers four routes: 20 miles, 31 miles, 56 miles and the metric century 63 miles.


Another challenging organized ride is the locally sponsored Mount Diablo Challenge which is usually held in October. Traditionally, the Mount Diablo Challenge is an 11.2 mile timed bike ride, starting at Athenian School in Danville and climbing up Southgate Road 3,249 feet to the summit of Mount Diablo. 1,000 cycling enthusiasts compete and prizes are awarded for several categories in a ceremony at the summit with food. For more information go to