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Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 16th. The meeting will be held via Zoom. meeting starts at 10:30 with 30 minutes of social time. The main meeting starts at 11 AM. Click HERE to get the Zoom link.
Scott Horton from J.P. King Advisors in Walnut Creek was our speaker for February. J.P. King Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisory firm serving as fiduciaries for approximately 400 client households. Scott gave us his 2022 Outlook for  financial markets. You can click HERE to download his slide presentation. You can also select the video link below to view the entire meeting including Scott's talk.
Our guest speaker in December was Beverly Lane. Beverly is a former Danville mayor and city council member. She is a longtime East Bay Regional park District Board of Directors member and currently chairs the natural and cultural resources committee. Beverly's presentation highlighted some of the many different park venues and as well as updates on recent changes and acquisitions. Select the video link below to see the meeting or click HERE to download a .pdf of her presentation.
November's guest speaker was Allan Shields, Danville Chief of Police. Chief Shields covered a range of topics including use of street cameras, crime statistics and department organization and outreach efforts. The video of our meeting and Chief Shields presentation can be seen by selecting the video link below:
Our guest speaker for October was Paul Ruff. Captain Ruff has worked for over ten years as a San Francisco Bar Pilot. Prior to that Capt. Ruff served 5 years in the Coast Guard and worked for another 18 years in various ship-side jobs including that of a tug boat captain. As a bar pilot, Captain Ruff and his colleagues are tasked with safely navigating vessels through 160 miles of waterways in San Francisco Bay and its tributaries. They work 365 days a year in this essential but relatively unknown profession. Check out the video of our meeting and Captain Ruff's presentation by clicking the video link below.
Our guest speaker for September was Jon Haveman. Dr. Haveman is the Executive Director of the National Economic Education Delegation (NEED). Prior to starting NEED, Jon was a principal at Marin Economic Consulting, a founding principal at Beacon Economics and the Director of the Economy Program at the Public Policy Institute of California. He has been a Senior Economist with the President's Council of Economic Advisers, an Economist with the Federal Trade Commission, and held a faculty position in the Business School at Purdue University.Dr. Haveman spoke to us about Infrastructure - how it is defined, the current state of infrastructure investment in our country, and how infrastructure investments benefits are derived. Click HERE to download a .pdf of his presentation. You can see a video of his talk as well as the regular Branch presentation by clicking the video link below.
Our guest speaker for August was Ron Baskett who recently retired from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and is currently a Consulting Meteorologist. Ron has over four decades of managing projects and teams involving the atmospheric and environmental sciences. These studies include advanced modeling of health effects caused by hazardous atmospheric releases, both natural and manmade. His topic was "Ensuring Future Clean Air Quality for the Tri-Valley." Please select the video link below to view our Branch meeting and Ron's presentation.
Our July guest speaker was Geof Woglom, Professor of Economics emeritus at Amherst College where he taught for over 40 years. During his career, he has been a consultant at the Federal Reserve Board and the International Monetary fund and held visiting positions at Harvard, Cambridge, LSE and Nanjing universities.
His July SIR128 presentation was on  “the Federal Debt and Deficit.” A YouTube video of our Branch meeting including Professor Woglom's presentation can be viewed by selecting the video below. In addition, a .pdf copy of is presentation can be downloaded by selecting THIS LINK.
In June we had a presentation from Paul Stich, a technology entrepreneur, executive and educator. Paul spoke about his experiences with IT security companies and cybersecurity threats.  As part of the Q&A there were some questions about personal Two-factor Authentication and Password Security. Click the highlighted links for presentations on those topics from the STEM activity group. The video of the meeting and Paul's presentation can be found below.
Our May speaker was Ted Clement, Executive Director of Save Mount Diablo. Save Mount Diablo is a nationally accredited land trust and conservation organization based in Walnut Creek. Ted spoke to us about recent accomplishments of the trust, the role of Mount Diablo in the broader scheme of preserving the Diablo Range, recent and in-progress acquisitions, and various programs and events open to the public. A .pdf copy of his presentation can be downloaded HERE. Look for more information about Save Mount Diablo on our Prior Speakers page. The full video of our meeting and Ted's presentation can be seen by selecting the video below:
Our April guest speaker was David Seaborg, biologist, teacher, author and environmentalist. He is President and Founder of the World Rainforest Fund. David spoke to us about the impacts global warming, emphasizing the existential nature of the threat and the importance of immediate action. After our meeting ended, David remained to answer questions from members for 45 minutes or so. The entire video of the meeting can be seen by selecting the image below.
For March, we had the pleasure of listening to Jim Eyen, former NBA Assistant Coach and Scout for several teams spanning a 30 year career. Jim shared some anecdotes about players and coaches he has worked with over the years. Jim was kind enough to stay around for about 30 minutes after the event to answer questions from our members. Select the video below to view our meeting and Jim's discussion.
In February, our guest speaker was Dr. Brandon Tachco. Dr. Tachco, whose research includes shipping and ship building at the turn of the 20th century, spoke to us about the 19th Century merchant ship Balclutha and used her story as a backdrop to a broader discussion about trade and globalization in the late 19th century. Select the video below to view our meeting and Dr. Tachco's presentation.
In January, our guest speaker was Scott Horton, President and CEO of J.P. King Advisors investment advisory firm. Scott provided us with a 2021 Outlook on the economy and stock market. A copy of his presentation can be downloaded by clicking HERE. In addition, the full video of our meeting, including Scott's presentation and comments, can be viewed by selecting the video below.
On December 16th, our guest speaker was "Nurse Alice" Benjamin, RN who spoke on the Six Pillars of Brain Health. She is a board certified clinic nurse specialist , community activist and well known media health expert. In addition to her regular presentation, Nurse Alice was kind  enough to remain with the group for about 20 minutes of extra questions and answers including some insights into Covid 19 vaccinations. Click on the video below to see our entire meeting.
Our meeting on Wednesday, November 18th featured Dr. Jon Haveman. Dr. Haveman is the Executive Director of the National Economic education Delegation (NEED). NEED is an organization with a mission of spreading economic insights into important policy issues throughout the electorate. He spoke to us coronavirus economics. His presentation and our normal branch business update can be viewed in the video below:
Our virtual meeting for October 21st  featured a presentation by Dave Carey. Dave is a former Navy pilot, Viet Nam POW, author and motivational speaker. In addition to his presentation, Dave was kind enough to give us an additional 30 minutes of his time for open Q & A. All of that and our normal Branch meeting can be seen on the YouTube video posted below.
Our virtual meeting for September 16th featured Paige Meyer, Chief, San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District.  Click on the image below to view a YouTube video of the meeting.
Our virtual meeting for August 19th featured outgoing San Ramon Mayor Bill Clarkson. Click on the image below to view a YouTube video of the meeting
Our virtual meeting for July 15th  featured De La Salle High School head varsity football coach Justin Alumbaugh. Coach Alumbaugh took the reins of the storied De La Salle program in 2013.
Coach Alumbaugh explained to us how De La Salle has created an environment for success by promoting vigilance, hard work,accountability, discipline and a sense of brotherhood among the staff and players.
Click on the image below to view a YouTube video of the meeting
Our first "virtual" meeting was held at 11 AM on June 17th.
Our guest speaker was Mr. Newell Arnerich, Danville city councilman and former mayor. Mr. Arnerich gave us an extensive update on the City of Danville with comments ranging from city growth planning, Covid 19 impacts, city budget, infrastructure, upgrades and business activities.
Click on the image below to see a YouTube video of the meeting.
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