John Monahan
Bowling Activity Leader
Bowling has been on hold, along with most of the other activities, due to the Covid-19 SIP.  We have had a couple ZOOM State Bowling Committee(SBC)  meetings in the past couple weeks.  The first meeting was to start preparing for the restart of bowling leagues and tournaments and to try to get ahead of any new requirements the state and the USBC will have.  The second meeting was commenced because the Yuba City Chapter has received an OK to have their scheduled tournament. The SBC reviewed their plans, which we all agreed were excellent, and made additional comments based on current state recommendations.  These were mask requirements, hand sanitizer, and carpooling.      
Discussions continue on the out-of-state tournaments and the results  of the participation question sent to all SIR bowlers on our email lists. 
Bowling is not one of the activities released for participation by the citizens.  Stay well.  GLTA.  John